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Centro Terapéutico El Olivo is a private centre to treat emotional problems in addition to detoxification in the municipality of Marbella.

Located in the countryside, has six large individual rooms, all with en suite bathrooms and inviting, elegant decor. 

There are various sitting rooms, available for therapy sessions and rest at specific times.

 It also has two balconies and a lovely Andalusian patio to enjoy the wonderful climate of the Costa del Sol.

We believe that the surroundings in which therapy takes place are important.

The centre is located in a plot of almost one hectare of land in the middle of a beautiful pine forest, with pleasant spaces to take a walk amongst fruit trees, and with a large private pool with a jacuzzi, nestled in extensive carefully-maintained gardens.

The countryside environment induces serenity and invites reflection. 

It also has a modern glass padel-tennis court, a ping-pong area and a well-equipped gym for those who love sports.  

Psychological and psychiatric treatment at El Olivo

In association with the prestigious Hallin team, we offer the best stay and psychological/psychiatric treatment in the Costa del Sol.

Following an initial evaluation, an individualised treatment plan is created for each patient. Depending on the case the following items will be requested:

  • DNA test to find out what psychiatric medication is best for you.
  • Blood and urine tests to rule out any organic cause for your psychiatric presentation.
  • Neuropsychological testing ( IQ, learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD diagnosis).

The treatment of each patient consists of three hours of therapy each day including weekends.

Therapy modalities include: Individual sessions, group therapy and art therapy.

We have a personal trainer who comes to our center daily. Each patient has two and half hours of physical exercise every day.

As part of our exercise program, our personal trainer takes patients out for daily walks in the countryside as contact with nature is healing.

We can organise on demand, equine therapy, yoga, and boxing as well.

El Olivo has an outdoor swimming pool, a paddle court and a gym.

We include the family in the treatments we organise as they are a fundamental factor in the recovery of many of our patients: family therapy, couples therapy, specific support for children, and other family members.

The transition to home life is just as important as the treatment programme in the clinic. We create a specific programme for each patient so their return home is a success. 

Our psychologists are highly qualified; they all have several years’ experience and speak several languages.

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The importance of food

When it comes to food, we offer a menu with various dishes for the patient to choose from. Enjoying food can be a pleasure.

We also have the famous Dr Rosa Sánchez, a nutritionist and diet specialist. She will be able to assess any specific need that arises, from diabetes to a diet to lose or gain weight, including the treatment of nutritional deficiencies, the creation of vegetarian diets or advice on food allergies.

As support from a medical point of view we have Dr Martínez, head of internal medicine for the Quirón Hospital.  

Centro Terapéutico El Olivo offers the following features

Calm, serene environment

6 rooms

TV, Wifi, AC, heating

Professional chefs

Room service

Laundry service



Extensive gardens

Several therapy rooms

Padel-tennis court

Board games room

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